Keep Your Lawn Alive This Summer

As you've definitely already noticed, the hottest months of the year have arrived. While you find ways to keep from getting sunburned or dehydrated in the triple-digit temperatures, your lawn is in need of the same protection. Here are five ways to make sure your turf stays soft and green all summer long:

1. Water Smart

Although everyone knows watering your lawn will probably keep it greener, this isn't as simple as a "more water means more green" equation. Actually, over-watering your grass can result in damage to the roots. Grass-seed pros recommend frequent, shallow watering (totaling an inch a week) as a good baseline. The time of day matters too. Although watering overnight might mean less chance of getting caught in your own sprinklers, it also fosters fungi and prevents the grass from most efficiently using the water in the photosynthesis process. The best time to water is first thing in the morning.


2. Tread Lightly

Although too much wear is tough on grass at any time, it's even worse when the grass could already be brittle from the heat. Keep foot traffic on the sidewalks as much as possible, and if your kids spend some time in the yard for summer fun, have them vary the part of the yard they're playing in. Also keep in mind that putting a kiddie pool or slip n slide on the lawn will very likely result in a dead grass zone, so choose your placement wisely!

3. The Right Trim

No one wants to be mowing their lawn once we get to the dog days of August, but unfortunately frequent and conservative trims are the best way to keep your lawn thriving. Toro recommends the one-third rule: don't take off more than a third of the grass blade's length at a time. Taller grass doesn't burn as easily and utilizes water more efficiently. Another way to make sure the grass isn't getting scorched is to avoid mowing at the hottest times of the day, which is also a great way to avoid getting scorched yourself in the process!

4. Let it Breathe

A properly aerated lawn is better at absorbing water and distributing oxygen. This will help you avoid wasting water through run-off. When it comes to aerating though, timing is crucial. It's ideal to aerate during the growth season for your type of grass, which is early summer if you have a summer grass planted. Any later and you risk damaging your grass. Although you can aerate your lawn yourself with a garden rake, you're better off consulting your landscaping professional about what type of grass you have and the best aeration methods.

5. Feed it Right

Feeding your lawn will help it stay thick to protect itself from the heat. However, if you're in a drought or your law has become especially dry, scale back the frequency of feeding; the grass needs to be healthy to make use of the food. Your best tactic is to feed right before a heat wave and then again in the aftermath. Once the temperatures have cooled down for good, it's time to consider seeding extra to repair any damage and get ready for next year! Want to be sure that your grass stays alive all summer? Have a lawn that's already suffering from a terminal case of Texas heat? Contact North Texas Lawns to find out how we can help with all your lawn care & maintenance services!


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