Keeping Halloween Lawn Friendly

As Halloween and the arrival of trick-or-treaters approaches, you might be thinking through a game plan. Beyond stocking up on the perfect candy for enthralling neighborhood kids, your yard and decorations need some preparations of their own.


If you’re wanting to make sure that celebrating Halloween is spooky for trick-or-treaters but not your grass, here are some suggestions:


Keep it Classic With Pumpkins

Of all the kinds of Halloween decor you could choose, fortunately, the most iconic is also 100% natural: pumpkins.
From carving a jack-o-lantern to creating a pumpkin wreath for your door,
pumpkins are entirely organic matter and biodegradable.
After your pumpkin decorations start to wilt, you can add them to a compost pile or garden bed for their fertilizer benefits.


Clearly Light Walkways

One of the biggest causes of wear and tear to your lawn is foot traffic. When green grass stands between children trick-or-treating and your candy dispensing front door, the risk of trampling is a legitimate concern. Even if you don’t usually have walkways in your yard well-lit, this time of year might be a good time to invest in some quality extra lighting.
You can find lighting that goes a long way toward further setting the Halloween mood,
and more importantly, clear visual markers will help keep the crowds on the right path.


Avoid Grass Killing Inflatables

Although the growing trend of large inflatable ghosts and black cats might be a nice shortcut to having your yard ready for the season, they also can be problematic for your yard.
​In addition to being a power drain to keep it inflated, during the day the heavy material sits on the grass and smothers it and blocks the sun.

A more lawn-friendly approach involves decorations that hang or take up very little lawn space. It’s easy to make hanging ghosts and bats out of biodegradable materials, or simply opt for Halloween decoration pieces that can be reused.


Clean Up

Even after the holiday has passed, one of the most important tasks remains: cleaning up wrappers. Most plastic- and cellophane-based wrappers are slow to decompose, not to mention how unsightly they are in the process. Spend some time the day after the influx of trick-or-treaters going over your yard and picking up abandoned wrappers and other potential litter from the festivities. A little time will go a long way towards the health of your lawn.

If you have any other concerns about how your Halloween celebrations might impact your lawn, your North Texas Lawns professionals can help! Find out how we can keep your lawn looking its best.


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