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Unexpected Uses for Dandelions

If you've decided that it's time to say goodbye to those yellow intruders, it doesn't have to be an angry, violent goodbye. Check out the following four unexpected uses for dandelions. 

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How to Have a Perfect Lawn

Is your lawn green, full, and lush? If you are lucky, you have the perfect lawn- the envy of the block. In reality, luck has nothing to do with a perfectly green lawn- lawn fertilization is the key ingredient to turn up the green.

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How to Have a Weed-Free Garden Bed

Everyone wants a weed-free garden bed, but not many enjoy weeding. If you don't enjoy weeding, hiring a weed prevention service to do the work for you is a great option. If you prefer to weed yourself, here are some great tips that will cut down hours of weeding. The article "Six Tips for Effective Weed Control" gives great advice on the importance of mulching to keep weeds to a minimum.

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Don’t Be Crabby

Summer is the time when friends and family spend extra time on your lawn for barbecues, family reunions, running in the sprinklers or just good old hanging out on the patio.

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