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When NOT to Fertilize

It’s summertime! Chances are, you’re doing your due diligence in keeping that grass nice and watered, keeping pets at bay and mitigating for all that foot traffic in the backyard. You’re mowing at a steady weekly pace, and keeping tabs on all the weeds that inevitably pop up. 
One thing you probably shouldn’t be doing, though? Fertilizing. 

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Lawn Care is Taking All Your Time (Here's How)

According to The Lawn Institute, the average lawn is around 10,000 square feet in size (about a quarter-acre), and the average time to mow that lawn size is around 30 minutes. In certain Dallas-area suburbs, the lot size only gets bigger from there — and so does the time to mow.  Assuming you’re mowing your lawn weekly during the nine-month North Texas lawn season, that’s going to cost you around 19 hours of your life every year. 

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Top 6 Ways to Kill Your Lawn

There are all kinds of threats to your lawn year-round, but perhaps the most precarious time for your grass is summertime in North Texas. The season isn’t only bad for lawns because of the hot, dry temperatures — plenty of other issues abound.


Is your lawn dead? How do you know if your lawn is dead? What killed it? What do you do if your lawn is dead? We’ll answer these questions by learning about the following six ways to kill your lawn.

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Feed Your Lawn Right This Summer

While summer means vacation, rest and relaxation for most people, for your lawn, it’s the most stressful time of the year. The warmer season brings a whole mess of threats to the lawn, including grubs, dehydration, weeds and more. In order to keep your lawn happy, green and healthy, there are some important steps you need to take (or have us take for you).

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​Best Time to Start Mowing

Spring has sprung in Texas, and we are quickly moving into summer. With that switch, flowers are blooming, plants are thriving and lawns are growing. It's time for some maintenance to be done. 

Making sure that you are conducting the proper maintenance at the right time is crucial to ensuring that your lawn looks its best throughout the summertime. You'll want to consider the last time you cut your grass (more than likely it was at the end of the fall). Noting this will give you a rough timeline of when it is the best time for your first mow.  

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Various Types of Lawn Fertilizer

If you're looking for a bright, green lawn that you can sink your toes into all summer then you need to invest in a good lawn fertilizer. The best types of fertilizer will help your lawn reach its full, lush potential. 

Whether you're diving into lawn care for the first time or have been in the game for a while, North Texas Lawns is here to help you achieve all of your lawn goals -- starting with understanding the different types of lawn fertilizer out there. 

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Seasonal Flowers in North Texas

The start of spring brings about flowers -- and lots of them. Gardening is a year-round hobby in Texas, and in order to keep your garden and lawn flourishing, you have to learn to plant seasonally.

Lawns and landscaping in North Texas offer one of the best scenery templates for gardening. The colors from the many different types of flowers create exquisite beauty to help make your home picturesque.

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Keep the Bugs Off Your Lawn

The arrival of warmer weather heralds many wonderful things: blooming flowers, greener lawns and an abundance of sunshine. Unfortunately, it also means the return of common lawn pests.

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Get Your Garden Ready to Grow

In warmer southern climates like North Texas, by the second half of February we’re on the brink of Spring-- temperatures are warming up, the ground is softening and weeds are getting ready to make a grand re-entrance. All of that means it’s planting prep time. 

Whether you’re a gungho gardener or just have some minimalist landscaping, here are a few steps to get your beds ready for the growing season.  

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Ways to Use Your Yard Debris

Whether it’s from regular mowing, weeding, sod installation or keeping your hedges trimmed, yard maintenance produces debris. That debris could be as small as grass clippings or as large as fallen branches, but either way, you’ll need to do something with what’s left behind.


Here are a few options for ways you can discard yard waste (and maybe even make your lawn a little more eco-friendly in the process)!

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Keeping Your Pond Clean

A water fixture adds an automatic extra layer of depth to any home garden or front yard. Serving as a visual centerpiece or even a habitat for keeping your own fish, ponds can be a great addition to larger lots.

They do, however, come with their own set of unique challenges. You might find yourself on a new property, managing pond maintenance for the first time. What are the dos and don’ts? How do you keep it clean?


Here’s an overview of pond cleaning necessities that might fill in some gaps even if you’ve had a pond for years.

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When and How to Trim Your Hedges

Hedge trimming may seem a daunting task, but fear not! We'll tell you why it's important, and demystify how tricky it seems (but isn't really).

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How to Dispose of Christmas Greenery

What do you do when you're all done with your live tree? We've got some ideas that will help your lawn, your pocketbook and your decoration vibe.

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Winterize Your Lawn

What do you need to be doing to your lawn for the winter? Leave it alone? Noooooo. Let us tell you just how to keep your lawn in tip-top shape now for the months of the year you use it most!

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Christmas Light Display Inspiration

Christmas lights are pretty fun, and sometimes it's fun to think about the possibilities. Check out these inspirations and then call us to make them happen!

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Your Fall Lawn To Do List

As the fall season draws to a close, it might be hard to think ahead to a time when your lawn will be lush and verdant once again. However, fall is actually one of the best times to start thinking ahead towards spring. This fall to-do list will lead to better growth next year.

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Benefits of Mulching Fall Leaves

Maybe raking isn't the best idea for getting rid of the leaves on your lawn. Let's talk about mulching for a minute.

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Keeping Halloween Lawn Friendly

Decorating for Halloween is so much fun, but there are some things you'll want to consider for your lawn!

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When should I start raking leaves?

With fall comes the presence of fallen leaves on your lawn. When is the right time to rake? Do you even rake? 

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Get Your Grass Ready for Fall

When cooler September temperatures start to herald the upcoming arrival of fall, a lot of routines change. Your routine for taking care of your yard should be one of them.

In addition to the blanket of fallen foliage you can be looking forward to, your grass itself changes its growth and nutrient absorption pace when the weather chills out.

Here are a few tips for caring for your grass through the changing seasons:

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Pet-Proof Your Yard

If you’ve got a four-legged friend, you might be starting to feel like you have to choose between a nice lawn and your pet’s comfort. Dogs who spend any amount of time outdoors are likely to be leaving urine stains and possibly holes dug in their wake. So how do you have the best of both worlds?  

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How To Care For Your New Sod

So you’ve planted new sod to revitalize your yard. Now what? Here are a few simple rules for caring for your fragile new sod and making sure it takes root for a long time to come.

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Caring For High Traffic Areas Of Your Lawn

One of the fastest grass killers is foot traffic. Whether it's you, your kids or your furry friends, the daily wear and tear of life can quickly result in distressed or dead patches in your lawn.

Here's an introduction to keeping the high traffic areas of your lawn looking fresh.

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Keep Your Lawn Alive This Summer

As you've definitely already noticed, the hottest months of the year have arrived. While you find ways to keep from getting sunburned or dehydrated in the triple-digit temperatures, your lawn is in need of the same protection. Here are five ways to make sure your turf stays soft and green all summer long.

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Unexpected Uses for Dandelions

If you've decided that it's time to say goodbye to those yellow intruders, it doesn't have to be an angry, violent goodbye. Check out the following four unexpected uses for dandelions. 

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